On Air Traffic

Covering Traffic in the Greater Toronto Area

No one likes being stuck in traffic.

Sorry, there's no 50,000 watt radio transmitter in my backyard that can be used to broadcast real-time traffic info to you. But I am on Twitter!

Follow @OnAirTraffic to see what's catching my eye on the roads right now and what areas you should avoid. (My neighbours are much happier with this arrangement.)

For 24/7 coverage, see my Toronto area traffic updates list on Twitter featuring traffic broadcasters and government agencies.

Wouldn't you like to know about bad traffic before it happens?

Keep potential problems on your radar by listening to my Traffic Advisories, highlighting scheduled construction and upcoming road closures.

I'll share what I find so you can avoid it. After all, we're in this together!

The Story (and What's Ahead)

Traffic in the Greater Toronto Area is getting worse every day. Just ask anyone who drives to work for a real-life horror story and you'll get one.

On Air Traffic covers GTA traffic issues. Saving you even just five minutes on your commute one day would give me great satisfaction. (I'm betting you'll be happy, too!)

But why am I, Neil Oosten, the best person to run the site? Is it my wicked ninja traffic skills?

No, it's my desire to build those skills.

The best way to develop a skill is to simply go ahead and do it. I'm a huge traffic geek already, but On Air Traffic lets me learn even more of what I'll need for the future by writing Twitter updates and recording audio reports.

You see, I want part of that future to include being an airborne traffic reporter.